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Timber, Sash, uPVC And Aluminium Window Locks In Belcher's Bar

Aluminium windows locks are very important safety feature on windows. We are widely regarded as the strongest choice for aluminium window lock that Belcher's Bar has to offer, thanks to our innovative techniques and technology.

You have the same reliability from Belcher's Bar on door locks designed with precision equipment to ensure advanced security measures. They are easy to use and secured. If you need locks for your timber doors, patio doors, aluminium doors, front and back doors we have them in many variants.

Aluminium Windows Leicestershire Supply Quality Aluminium Window Locks In Belcher's Bar

  • U-rail face plate
  • Offset gearbox
  • Can be used with a locking handle
  • Different length and size options

Sophisticated Aluminium Window Locks In Belcher's Bar

Take your pick from our collection of aluminium window locks: Window espagnolette bars: We have several lengths appropriate for aluminium windows. U-Rail espag bars: These are created solely for aluminium windows.

You've a choice from a wide selection of high quality window locks to match uPVC, aluminium, sash and timber windows for your property. This locks can be classified as generic and it serves to lock a multitude of different kinds of windows.

Available in a range of measurements. Available in various lengths and dimensions. Noticeable Aluminium Window Locks Belcher's Bar

Shoot Bolt Extensions

Casement Window Locks Belcher's Bar. We have distinctive varieties reasonable for use with metal and wooden casement windows.Allowing for both side and front mount.

Allowing for both side and front mount. These locks are also suitable for use on patio windows and doors. Sash Window Security Locks Belcher's Bar.

Sliding sash windows stop-lock: These restrictors are suitable for keeping your sash windows fully shut. They can likewise confine opening in light of your mount position. As part of our guaranteed excellence our locks are certified by industry standards, including the BS 6375 (Part 2 1987) and BS 8213-1: 2004 conformity tests.

Whatever lock you choose should be approved by your insurance company. They must have passed through the required BS3621 British standard lock. Gives comfort and safety.

Quick, easy to fit and comes with all the necessary screws. BLANK The Best Belcher's Bar Aluminium Window Locks Fitted

Interior Door Lock And Latches

Bathroom doors, kitchen doors, living room and bedroom doors are suitable for these locks. These may not be as secured as the locks. These however, offer convenience and basic deterrence of intrusion.Mechanical Door Locks.

Long-term reliability and efficiently secured lock technology are guaranteed with our company's high-quality mechanical door locks. Automatic door locking systems The automatic multi-locking nature of this system offers two solid hooks with automatic grip to stop the door from opening excessively.

Thunderbolt systems The tight seal provides good security without being difficult to install. Aluminium Windows Leicestershire Aluminium Window Locks In Belcher's Bar

Remote Control Door Locks

Our remote control locking system comes in different kinds depending on the requirements of the property. Your convenience is at the heart of these innovations, and have been created to give you more flexibility.It enables door access by various means such as voice control, finger print, button push and so on.

Patio door locks are designed to give you advanced security measures. We have several collections for different patio door. Example;.

A perfect match for hinged or sliding doors of timber, aluminium or uPVC. Multi-bolt patio door locks: These are multi purpose locks. Log onto our website to read our professionally created contents or chat with a professional to find the tips and advice about measuring the size of the lock you want to replace.

In Belcher's Bar, you can visit us at our workplace and store. Are you looking to use contemporary locks to substitute your current or damaged locks?. You save time by logging onto our website for more information from content created by our professionals or chat online.

Also, you can simply call to talk to our experts. Call us now at Aluminium Windows Leicestershire if you need a replacement of your old locks! Aluminium Windows Leicestershire Are Only A Call Away